Seylan Card Rewards Programme

1. Rewards Points Earning

(a) “Seylan Cards Rewards” are the base units of measurement in the Rewards programme.

(b) Visa Platinum, Visa Signature and MasterCard World Cards issued in Sri Lanka by the Bank are eligible to participate in the Seylan Cards Rewards programme. This includes both individual and corporate Cards.

(c) The Visa Platinum Cardholder will earn 1 point for every Rs 300/- and Visa Signature and MasterCard World Cardholders will earn 1 point for every Rs 100/- spent whenever they use the card for purchases at any credit card acceptance point locally or overseas and online. Reward Points will only be awarded for transactions above Rs 1,000. No points will be awarded for transactions that are less than Rs 1,000.

(d) The Cardholder shall not earn Rewards points in respect of cash advance, quasi cash transactions including but not limited to casino, currency purchasing, balance transfer, withdrawal amount under cash Instalment plan, annual fee and other fees, finance charges and other charges, unposted or cancelled transactions and transactions done through the banks internet banking facility such as Automated bill settlement and utility payments.

(e) The Bank reserves the right to change the Seylan Cards Rewards programme and will advise Cardholders via electronic mail, statement messages, messages affixed on the statement (stickers), short message services or on the statement envelope via print advertisements, or via a message on the official website of the Bank at after the changes have been made.

(f) Rewards points are accrued in respect of both primary and supplementary Cards and the primary Cardholder is eligible to redeem the total Rewards points available.

(g) Any transactions done via the Cardholder instalment plan or 0% instalment plan will be awarded Rewards points only for the monthly instalment during the tenure of the plan and not the full transaction value at once.

(h) Rewards Points will be awarded for POS transactions done from 2nd May 2023 onwards.

2. Seylan Cards Rewards Points Redeeming

(a) Cardholders may redeem the accrued Rewards points by using any one of the below mentioned options;

  • By redeeming through the Seylan Cards Rewards portal;

  • By redeeming at Rewards Partner Establishments;

(b) Redemption of points at Rewards Partner Establishments will primarily take place by providing the registered mobile number of the customer, which will allow for automatic redemption of Rewards points. The monetary value of the Rewards points redeemed will be deducted from the price of the item being purchased at the Rewards Partner Establishment.

(c) Rewards points once redeemed would be deleted/removed from the respective Cardholders Rewards point entitlement record upon the Cardholder requesting redemption.

(d) Redemption requests once made and processed will not be cancelled or changed.

(e) Rewards points earned are not convertible to cash and cannot be transferred back to the Card as a credit.

(f) Only non-delinquent Cardholders can redeem Rewards points.

(g) Value of the Rewards points cannot be used to settle the outstanding balance on the credit Card.

3. Rewards Partner Establishments

(a) Some Reward Partner Establishments may choose to provide additional value or additional discounts at the point of redemption. The Bank will not be responsible should any Rewards Partner Establishment refuses to provide these discounts or additional value at redemption for whatever reason.

(b) The Bank is not a supplier of any of the products or services redeemed at any Reward Partner Establishment and shall not accept any liability thereto.

(c) The Bank reserves the right to tie up with or discontinue any other loyalty/rewards/mileage program at its own discretion.

4. Inquiries on Rewards

(a) The Opening Balance, Points Accumulated, Points Adjusted, Points Redeemed, Points Balance and Expiring points will be displayed in the Cardholder’s Statement under the Seylan Rewards Points Details (For The Period).

5. Rewards Expiry

(a) Rewards points earned in a particular year will expire after three years on 31st December of the third year.

(b) Refunded points will expire after 30 days from the day of refunding.

(c) All points due for expiry and not redeemed before the Card renewal will not be available to the Cardholder after the Rewards points expire.

6. General terms applicable to Seylan Cards Rewards

(a) Fraud and/or any such attempts relating to the earning and pooling of Reward points or redemption orders may result in forfeiture of the accrued Reward points in addition to the Card being withdrawn / cancelled by the Bank.

(b) In the event a particular Transaction is disputed or charged back or reversed for whatever reason the Rewards points accrued from such Transactions would be reversed by the Bank. Where a particular Transaction has been performed and Rewards points are redeemed and subsequently either a dispute and/or transaction reversal needs to be made, the Bank reserves the right to recover the Rupee equivalent of the disputed Rewards points redeemed on account of such Transactions by charging the Card or any other account maintained with the Bank by the Cardholder. In the event a claim is made in such instances the Cardholder agrees to settle such sums due by the next payment date indicated in the Statement.

(c) If a Cardholder voluntarily terminates his Card Account or has his Card Account terminated by Seylan Bank, at any time for any reason, both the primary and the supplementary Cardholders shall be disqualified from participating in the Seylan Cards Rewards programme. On termination of a Card Account, any unutilized Rewards points shall be automatically cancelled and no longer be available for redemption by the Cardholder. The unutilized Rewards points shall not be transferable to any other Card Account of the Cardholder

(d) If a supplementary Cardholder's account is terminated at any time for any reason, the primary Cardholder can continue to participate in the Seylan Cards Rewards programme unless Seylan Bank determines otherwise.

(e) The Bank reserves the right to change the terms and conditions pertaining to Seylan Cards Rewards programme in this Clause including any changes to Reward Partner Establishments and communicate such changes to Cardholders by way of a narrative in or enclosure with the Statement/Public website of the Bank/short message service or any other appropriate communication medium.

(f) In case of any dispute arising out of the Seylan Cards Rewards programme the decision of the Bank shall be final and conclusive.

(g) Cardholders agree to receive notices from time to time which would be used to communicate special offers in conjunction with the Seylan Cards Rewards programme.

(h) The Cardholder authorizes the Bank to rely upon and act in accordance with any notice, instruction, demand or other communication regarding the redemption of Reward points which is given, by telephone, Short Message Services (“SMS”), Personal Internet Banking Services (“PIB”) or electronic mail by the Cardholder or on his/her behalf (“the Instructions”), without any enquiry on the part of the Bank, as to the authority or identity of the person giving or purporting to give the instructions and regardless of the circumstances prevailing at the time of receipt of the Instructions.

(i) Pooling of Rewards points between different credit Cards owned by the same Cardholder or different Cardholders shall not be permitted.

(j) The cardholder authorizes the bank to store data related to the transactions to calculate Seylan Cards Rewards points with the bank appointed third party.

(k) Should the Cardholder not effect the minimum payment due for two (2) consecutive months, the Bank reserves the right to cancel the Rewards points accrued as at the date on which the payment is due.

(l) Any disputes arising on Rewards points earned, redeemed and accumulated will be investigated by the Bank and will be the liability of the Cardholder unless proven otherwise to the satisfaction of the Bank.

(m) Any Rewards points offered to Cardholders under special promotions will be issued to the Cardholder at the end of the promotion as indicated in such promotional terms and conditions.

(n) Notwithstanding any matters stated in these Terms, Seylan Bank shall have the absolute discretion to determine the Card Accounts eligible to participate in the Seylan Cards Rewards programme and shall be entitled to disqualify any Card Account and/or Cardholder from participating in the Seylan Cards Rewards programme without subscribing any reasons therefore

(o) Refunded Seylan Cards Rewards points once used off are non-refundable.

7. Flight booking policy

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