Seylan Cards Rewards Programme

General FAQs

1. What is this site for?

This site enables you to manage your Rewards redemption more efficiently. You can check your Seylan Cards Rewards points balance, redeem points and view the status of your current or previous order at your convenience. You can also browse the site and obtain necessary information regarding the Seylan Cards Rewards programme, promotions as well as merchant details.

2. Do I have to register online on in order to use the Seylan Cards Rewards Portal for points accrual or redemption?

As a Seylan Visa Signature, World Mastercard and Visa Platinum Credit Cardholder, you are automatically entitled to earn Seylan Cards Rewards points with no extra charges and registration is not required. However to redeem points registration is required to for a secured entry to the Seylan Cards Rewards Portal

3. How long is my Seylan Cards Rewards Membership valid for?

You can access the Seylan Cards Rewards Portal as long as you hold a valid Seylan Credit Card.

4. How long are my Seylan Cards Rewards points valid for?

Points earned are valid for 36 months from the date of earning.

5. Can I use my Seylan Mobile app’s online username and password to transact with the Seylan Cards Rewards Portal?

No, you need to register separately for the Seylan Cards Rewards Portal on

6. What is Points Plus Pay and how does it work?

Points Plus Pay allows you to choose the points and card payment combination for redemption of the Rewards. If you have the specified minimum number of points required (as determined by the Bank from time to time), you can use an eligible Seylan Credit Card to purchase the Rewards you want, using a mixture of points and Credit Card payment.

Points Plus Pay may not be allowed for all Rewards redemption options.

7. To activate/login ID creation I need to enter my ID Number, how safe is it?

Seylan Cards Rewards Portal on is a secure website and follows Information security standards of Seylan Bank.

8. Do I get an OTP each time I login for a redemption?


Rewards Accumulation FAQs

1. How do I earn Seylan Cards Rewards?

Seylan Cards Rewards are earned whenever you use the card for retail purchases. Please go to the ‘Earn Rewards’ link for full details on how you can earn Seylan Cards Rewards.

Rewards Redemption FAQs

1. What can I do with my accrued Seylan Cards Rewards points?

You can redeem your Seylan Cards Rewards points for any of the Rewards redemption options available on the Seylan Cards Rewards Portal.

2. How do I redeem Seylan Cards Rewards?

By logging into the Seylan Cards Rewards Portal on you can redeem your Rewards Points.

3. What if I do not have sufficient Reward points to redeem?

You can pay for any exceeding amount that you wish to redeem with your Seylan Credit Card.